Chat Appearance & Messages
In this section you can edit your chat appearance as well as logo and greeting messages.
This is available to Shopify users only. For Enterprise clients please contact your heyday representative.
In your Settings > General > Chat display > Chat appearance you have access to edit:
  • Greeting message
  • Background colour
  • Company name
  • Subhead* [Premium feature]
  • Welcome message* [Premium feature]
  • Absence message* [Premium feature]
  • Upload your logo
If you have more than one language active, the widget language filter allows you to choose from the different languages you work with, and edit its messages and style as you wish.

Greeting message

It's the message that will be displayed on the bubble as the customer enters your website. Before the customer clicks on the widget to engage in the chat.

Background colour

It's the colour you choose for your Heyday icon, you need to enter it in HEX format. Different from the image above, here's another colour example:
--> Example: #dea165
Using colour picker will give you the HEX format needed

Company name & Subhead*

These are basically the title and subtitle of your chat window. It's what's displayed right at the top.
*Please note that Subhead, Welcome and Absence messages are Premium features.

Welcome message

As the name suggests, your Welcome Message defines how your chatbot welcomes your customers. This is the very first message the chatbot sends to the customer, it's important to make a good impression!

Absence Message

Your Absence message is what's shown to your customers who request to talk to a person outside of your business hours.
Here's an example of an absence message:
"We're unavailable right now, leave us a message and we'll get back to you on <next_opening_day> at <next_opening_hour>."
To change the logo, make sure your image is following the conditions below:
The image has to be either:
--> .jpeg --> .png --> .gif
--> 512px x 512px
Maximum size:
--> 1.5MB

Helpful hints

The following tags or pre-populated variables must NOT be edited or modified in any way, including spellings.
  • Tag: <org_name> will automatically display your organization’s name to your visitor
  • Tag: <next_opening_day> will automatically display the next opening day available (eg: Monday)
  • Tag: <next_opening_time> will automatically display the next opening hour available (eg: 8.00AM)
Trying to use <org_name> in the absence message or <next_opening_day> in the welcome message will result in errors in the bot
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