Advanced Reports
The advanced report section allows administrators to download reports having static details.
Select the report options, the date range desired and download the report in .csv format by clicking on Send CSV.
--> This report includes a traffic analysis overview on all conversations, including the open conversations and the ones left unattended.
--> This report includes insights into how your departments perform: number of engaged conversations, average resolution and response time, CSAT, and more.
--> This report includes insights into your teammates' performance: average resolution and response time, CSAT, number of sales (if applicable), and more.
--> This report includes how many times customers engaged in each chatbot dialog, their reaction to the FAQ dialogs, and the number of transfers by dialog.
--> This report includes the number of times customers clicked on your products and added them to the cart inside the chat.
As of March 31st, 2022 we modified the names on the reports. If you're using the advanced reports data in third party tool you must edit the names you're querying to match how it is displayed in the advanced reports. You only need to update the ones you're using, and only once!
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