In the conversation tab, you'll find detailed data on the chats that allows you to show the most impactful performance metrics to different leaders in your business!

Plus, you're able to quickly filter reports on conversation counts, chatbot activity, teammate activity or sales data.

By default, the data will be displayed for all channels, all hours and for the last seven days. Make sure to use the filters for a more specific data overview. 😉


That's your first set of data, it's what you'll first see when you open the Conversations tab.

👉 A conversation is counted when a customer interacts with the chatbot after 10 minutes of inactivity, or reopens a closed conversations. 👈

  • Successful transfers: New transfer requests successfully received in the inbox during the selected time.

  • Total conversations: All conversations, including the chatbot conversations.

  • Addressed conversations: Represents the number of requests where teammates wrote at least one message during the selected timeframe.

  • Engaged conversations: Number of conversations where either customers or teammates interacted beyond the welcome message.

  • Closed conversations: Transfer requests that were closed by a teammate.

  • Engaged customers: Number of individual customers who interacted with the chatbot.

  • Customer's average initial wait time: Time elapsed between the customer's first message and a teammate first responding to it during the selected time period.

  • Chatbot's average conversation duration: Average duration of all engaged chatbot conversations.

You also have a graphic representation of conversations by channel, by support type and closed conversations by department.

The graphs for conversation by channel and support also allows you to see the results for all conversations and for only engaged conversations.

Scrolling down a bit further, you'll find the Transfer Requests and Conversation traffic sections.

Transfer Requests

Transfer by channel

Which channels are your customers mostly coming from?

This graph displays a by channel comparison between the number of times a customer requested to talk to a teammate.

Transfer events

Are all transfers to teammate being successful? How can we know that?

This section allows you to keep track of what is happening with the transfer requests, providing data on all the transfers that were:

  • Successful: Transfer requests successfully received in the inbox.

  • Cancelled: Transfer requests that were cancelled by the customer

  • Disabled: Transfer requests not completed due to 'Transfer to Teammate' being disabled.

  • Incomplete: Customer did not complete the transfer to teammate flow.

Conversation traffic

This is an extremely important insight. This data allows you to know which day of the week, and at what time your customers are mostly engaged.

It includes the engaged chatbot conversations and the number of times customers requested to speak to a teammate.

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