Conversation Overview

These four infographics track the customer engagement in the selected time frame.

  1. AVERAGE CONVERSATION DURATION (Handled by teammates and chatbot)

  2. TOTAL CONVERSATIONS (Number of conversations that a client interacted with the chatbot after 10 minutes of inactivity or reopens the conversation after the teammate has closed it)

  3. ENGAGED CONVERSATIONS (Number of conversations clients engaged in, beyond the welcome message)

  4. UNIQUE CUSTOMERS (Number of individual customers that interacted with the chatbot)


Engagement is measured based on customer interaction.

--> Engaged customers are the ones who respond to the chatbot after the welcome message.

--> Non-Engaged customers are the ones who don't respond to the chatbot.

Number of conversations by engagement type

This bar graph displays the number of engaged and non-engaged customers for the selected period of time and channel.

If the time frame chosen is 'Today' the graph will display on a per hour basis. 👍

Results for 'Today':

Results for 'Last 7 days':

Number of messages

This graph illustrates the number of messages sent by the teammates, the chatbot and the customers.

Conversation traffic - Transfer Request + Engaged Conversations

In this graph, you can switch the information between the number of times customers requested to be transferred to teammates or the engaged chatbot conversations.

To toggle between Engage Conversation or Transfer Request, use the dropdown located at the top right of the graph section as indicated below.

Following the transfer requests, you have two more graphs in the conversation overview. These graphs are:

  • Closed conversation by department

  • Handled conversations by type of support

Closed conversations by department

This graph displays the number of conversations closed by specific department in accordance to your company.

It is also possible to download this report by clicking on the blue button Export department report. The report is downloaded in a .csv format and displays the number of conversations, how many teammates were involved and average resolution time. Check out the example below:

Recall: The graphs display the results according to the time frame and channels you've selected in the filters on top of the page.

Handled conversations by type of support

Number of conversations handled by either the teammate or chatbot. You also have the option to display only engaged conversations or all conversations.

Clicking on the button will change from one to the other.

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