🗒️Internal Notes

The Internal Notes feature allows you to write down your notes, leave yourself reminders, or leave private messages pertaining to the conversation, to your teammates without informing the end user.

How To Leave Notes On Comments

In the conversation view, as you hover over a message or an email (either the clients or your own) you will find a small conversation bubble icon that says “add a note” (highlighted in blue in the screenshot).

By clicking on this button you will open the Internal Notes drawer. The drawer highlights the message or email you’re commenting on, and provides you with a text box to type your note. The text box has a limit of 1000 characters.

When you’ve finished typing, select the Add Note option to publish or Cancel to cancel your selection.


Depending on the access level in the inbox, users will have different abilities related to the Internal Notes tool. Admins: Can edit their own notes and delete any notes Teammates: Can edit and delete their own notes


Internal notes can not be left for these type of messages:

  • Photos

  • Carrousels

  • Buttons

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