There are four ways to filter the conversations statuses: New, Pending customer, Awaiting teammate and Undelivered to help manage the volume of support requests.


When any support request is initially received, the status appears as a New conversation. This means the customer is awaiting support from a teammate.

Pending Customer

After a teammate sends their first message or greeting to the customer, the status changed to Pending Customer, hence, waiting for their reply. This signals to other teammates that an action is not required on the support-side.

Awaiting Teammate

Once the customer replies, the status is changed to Awaiting Teammate, signalling that a reply is needed. At this time, the conversation flow can continue, or the teammate can mark the conversation as Closed. The teammate can reactivate the conversation, or if the customer indicates they would like to talk to a human again.

When a conversation is marked as Closed, all statuses will be lost and the next transfer to a human will appear as New.


In case an e-mail is undelivered, either an error message is sent or another conversation is open under the status of 'Undelivered'

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