Configurable Attributes

If you would like to modify some of the attributes, it is important to understand how the information is transferred to Heyday to ensure the modifications are present at all moments.

As you know, the Heyday chat optimizes the customer experience by leveraging useful data from a brand's website. This information can be transferred to the heyday chat before or after the chat is initialized, therefore, in modifying certain attributes, you must ensure the changes are applied to each scenario.

List of configurable attributes:

-> Client ID -> Country -> Flow Referral -> Automatic Department Assigning -> Widget State -> Greeting Message -> Delay Close -> Minimizable -> Cookie Expiry -> Cookie Consent

For information on how to use these in Google Tag Manager please see the section on the adapted scripts for GTM

How Data is Transferred to Heyday

The initialization of the Heyday chat happens when the script with the code snippet is executed:

<script src='<organization>/<channel>/<language>/setupchat.js

When the information is passed to Heyday before the initialization of the Chat, the heyday attributes tag <div> is added before the script in the code, as the example below indicates:

 <div id="hdAttributes" country="CA"></div>
<script src='<organization>/<channel>/<language>/setupchat.js

For instance, the country of the webpage (ex: Canada vs. USA) is typically known before the Heyday chat is initialized.

It is possible to include multiple parameters in the same <div>.

For example:

👉 <div id="hdAttributes" country=”CA” delay_close="3" ></div> 👈

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