How To Set Up a Notification Link

A great way to prompt customers to use the shipment tracking updates is to provide a subscription link for notification opt-ins inside Facebook Messenger.

For instance, a link similar to the one below can be added to an order confirmation email.

Get the latest update on facebook messenger

The content of the link (URL) must be structured as follows:<fb_page_id>?ref=BOT_OPTIN::SHIPMENT_TRACKING::<provider_type>::<id_type>::<id>::<locale> Only the parameters between <brackets> have to be modified. Below is the definition:

  • <fb_page_id> -----> Facebook page ID

  • <provider_type>---> Tag associated with the shipping carrier. Contact to know the tag associated with your shipping carrier.

  • <id_type> ----------> Defines whether the id is a shipment tracking (from the shipping carrier) or an order ID (from the brand). Permitted values: TRACKING_ID, ORDER_ID

  • <id> ----------------> Shipment tracking ID or order ID. This ID should be different for each order and must be embedded in the link.

  • <locale> ------------> Language used to communicate with the customer. Permitted values: en_CA, fr_CA

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