Enterprise FAQ Editor

~Status: Beta~

How it works:

Admins with the feature can go to Settings > Chatbot & Automation > FAQs

Export FAQs in a .CSV file

  1. Click the Export FAQs button

    1. this prompts a direct download of a .csv file

    2. save a copy of your Export

    3. You can go back to an earlier version of your FAQs by importing a previously exported csv file (that’s why you need to save copies, it’s your backup).

  2. Admin edits their FAQ answers offline in a .csv editor (Excel, Google Sheets, Sheets, etc)

  3. Important: The admin can only edit the text in their existing FAQ answers. If they try to change any other columns, remove columns, add new rows, etc, it could break the FAQs

    1. Save the updated .csv file

  4. Go back to Heyday and click Import FAQs

    1. This will open a modal to upload the file

    2. Click Import

    3. Upload the edited copy of the .csv file

      1. Preview your update before publishing it

  5. Click on the Test FAQs button to preview your changes. So far nothing has been updated in your chatbot experience. You can still cancel your update.

    1. Save changes & publish updates in your chatbot experience

  6. Click Save changes button, you will be asked to Confirm or Cancel the operation. If you confirm the changes will be published to the bot. Otherwise, all changes imported will be canceled.

The publishing happens within moments.

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