Sales Attribution

Types of sales

Heyday attributes two types of sales:

  • Direct Sales

  • Indirect Sales

Direct Sales Attribution (Shopify Only):

This sales attribution is a direct link between a user adding an item to their cart in chat (Add to Cart feature) and making a purchase. Contact your onboarding specialist to activate

Indirect Sales Attribution:

With Indirect Sales Attribution the client passes Heyday the Client ID or User Email whenever the end user logs into the website or uses their email (such as on the check out page). Heyday then cross references that ID against the clients sales history to see if the same user made a purchase within 2 weeks of conversing with the bot or a teammate.

Motivate your sales team 🏋️

The goal is to map a sale made online to the last teammate that the client has communicated with, via the chat, as well as map it to the chatbot.

It creates engagement with commission tracking for sales teammates on the chat while enhancing:

--> Commission attribution

--> Performance monitoring

--> Training purposes

The purchase can be initiated from the website or from the chat 👍

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