The Overview section gathers all clients, chatbot and teammates metrics.


This is the first overview of the section, it displays:

  1. Number of clients currently interacting with your chatbot.

  2. Number of clients actively talking to teammates.

  3. Total number of clients chatting with either chatbot or teammates.

How to Filter your Insights:

One of the best parts of the insights is the ability to see stats in real-time, and any period of time by using the filters.

There are three different ways to filter the Insights:

1. Channels

You can select which channel you would like to see insights from. This filter allows you to select as many channels as you want.

2. Hours (All hours, During business hours, Outside business hours)

Specifies which time of the day the customers interact with the teammate - either within the business hours, outside of the business hours, or all hours.

3. Dates

See your insights by adjusting the dates to see different results. It is possible to confine the results from the same day up to the last 30 days and all time. Custom dates are also possible to help show all of the positive results from your chat bot and teammates.

The overview is broken down into four sections:

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