The Instagram Messaging integration makes it easier for brands to communicate with their customers using their preferred channels. Over the last few years, total daily conversations between people and businesses on Messenger and Instagram grew over 40%. (Facebook)

Benefits for Customers:

  • Customers who are moving online want to find your business on accessible channels that they are already familiar with

    --> ⅔ of of users stated that they use Instagram to interact with brands

    --> 90% of accounts on Instagram follow a business

  • They expect engagement, with immediate response to common queries and FAQ

  • Shopper are using Instagram from product discovery to purchase, i.e. across the entire customer journey

Benefits for Businesses

  • Messenger API for Instagram enable businesses to feed Instagram Direct messages into your existing CRM platforms, streamlining management & response

  • Improve customer experience from reduced wait time and faster response

  • Manage incoming customer conversations from multiples entry points:

    --> IG profile page from ‘Message’ button

    --> IG Stories

    --> IG Direct Message search

    --> Private replies on Feed post

  • Increase sales and conversion by driving more meaningful conversations

  • All in one inbox; streamlining management of messaging workflows, ensuring all messages from multiple platforms, will come into a single stream

Important info

  • Chat experience is very similar to Facebook Messenger.

    • Carousels are supported for product search and recommendations

    • Only missing features:

      • Text message with buttons, which can be replaced by Quick Replies until added by Facebook

      • Attachments (but images are supported)

Level of effort/development required

Technical Requirements:

  • Facebook business page must be verified

  • Business phone number

  • Instagram Specific data requirements (Facebook Business ID, Address, Description, Logo, etc)

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