Store Locator - Self Onboarding

The primary method to set up a store locator feature in your chat is by importing and displaying the existing data on your Google Maps pages from Google Business Profile Manager (formerly Google my Business or GMB).

You can connect your GBPM account and select which group of locations should be present in your chat’s store locator as part of our self onboarding process below.

Onboarding Instructions

  • In the Heyday Inbox go to the Settings page

  • While in Settings click on Chatbot & automation and select Store Locator in the expanded menu

Note if you don’t see Store Locator please contact so that we can make this section available to you.

  • Click on Login with Google:

  • In the Google pop up window, select the account you want to connect:

  • Continuing in the Google window click Allow

  • Once you’ve allowed Heyday to access your Google business listings you’ll be returned to the Heyday Settings. Check off the location group that contains the locations that you’d like to add to your store locator.

  • Once you’ve checked the appropriate box click Save Changes

  • You should now be able to see the following message at the bottom of the page confirming that you’ve connected your Google business account to Heyday.

  • Congrats your part is done! Someone from Heyday will contact you once the store locator has been configured.

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