Client ID

The Client ID is an important information. For instance, it is the parameter set to define the unique identifier, external_id attribute. That is, two clients will never have the same external ID.

It is a way to identify which clients were using the chat and potentially personalize the experience to returning customers, as well as identify premium ones. Furthermore, it is used for many advanced reports and features such as Sales Attribution.

<div id="hdAttributes" external_id="ClientId"></div>

ClientId: Can be alpha-numeric values and symbols. Anything can be passed into external_id. In short, this is the client information the brand is sharing with Heyday. It may include:

  • User ID

  • Temporary User ID

  • Permanent User ID

  • Civility

  • Gender

  • Postal Code

  • City

  • IP address

  • Portable phone

  • Phone

  • Avatar

  • Email

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