Start a call/Video chat

The video chat enables you to offer a personalized shopper experience and increase sales with the power of 1:1 live video conversation.

How to Start a Video Call

  • Start by opening the conversation with the customer you’d like to video call
  • Click on the Video Call
    icon in the bottom left of the conversation view
  • Select Generate URLs
This will give you two links: one for you as a teammate and one for the Customer
  • In the conversation click the Send link button to the right of the link labelled Customer URL to send the URL to be used by the customer
Next click Open to the right of the link labelled teammate URL to open your end of the video chat.
Teammate can end the call for both parties at any time by clicking End call for all in the Video Call menu
This will open a new browser tab where you can set your Video Chat settings prior to joining the call. Join by clicking Join Now
Once in the call you should find your video chat options (mute, camera on/off & screenshare) at the bottom of the screen.
You can exit the call by clicking the Disconnect button
In case mobile customers chatting via Facebook Messenger receive a notification as shown below, we recommend using Google Chrome on Android and Safari on iOS (iPhone, iPad).



Last modified 1yr ago