WhatsApp Channel Setup

Before you can launch your WhatsApp channel there are some data & security requirements that Heyday needs completed in order to set up the channel on your behalf.

Heyday manages the onboarding process for the WhatsApp channel on behalf of your business. You must not register your phone number with WhatsApp Business as this will prevent us from getting permission to access your phone number.

If you have already registered, make sure to delete your account:

Data Requirements

This is the formatting data that Heyday requires in order to link and populate your WhatsApp profile.

Facebook Business Manager ID

Since WhatsApp is part of Facebook family of products we’ll need to link to your Facebook Business Manager account via your Business Manager ID.

To find your Facebook Business Manager ID, go to:

Facebook Business Suite

Once in the Facebook Business Suite, click on Settings as indicated below:

Then, select More Business settings:

Under the section Business Information, you will find your ID as indicated below:

To confirm that you have the right id, use the link below and replace YOUR_ID by your Facebook Business Manager ID:


You should be directed to your Facebook Business settings page.

Display information

This is the information that will fill out your WhatsApp Profile and what will be displayed to your clients in the WhatsApp application.

  1. Business Name [Mandatory]

  2. About: Status text displayed in your profile on WhatsApp. Usually used to describe your status (available, busy, offline, etc). (max 139 characters)

  3. Business Description: A brief description of your business (max 256 characters)

  4. Address: If you have multiple stores, use the address of the headquarter or main store. (max 256 characters) * Street Name * Civic Number * Zip/Postal code * City * State

  5. Brand logo [Mandatory] * Must be square * Minimum Size: 500px x 500px * Recommended Size: 640px x 640px * Maximum file size: 5 MB. * Can be provided as a URL or you can send us a file.

  6. Business Email address

The Business name and brand logo are mandatory, but other fields are optional.

Phone number

All WhatsApp accounts are linked to a phone number, a business profile is no different. To be eligible for use on WhatsApp the phone number you select must meet the following criteria:

  • It must be owned by your company

  • It can be a landline, mobile phone, or toll-free (1-800) number.

  • It must be capable of receiving SMS or a phone call

If you’re already using the WhatsApp Business app, you can migrate the phone number to a WhatsApp Business Account. Please note that once the phone number is onboard it can not be transferred to another WhatsApp Service provider.

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