Activating your Sales Attribution

Each form of Sales attribution requires different steps to set it up:

Direct Sales Attribution (Shopify Only):

  • Once the Add to Cart feature is activated so is Direct Sales attribution

Indirect Sales Attribution


  • Active as soon as the client starts passing Heyday the user email or Client ID but for the best results:

    • The widget needs to be present on the checkout page

    • The client should use the Heyday widget (we can’t attribute guest mode conversations)

Follow these instructions to start passing Heyday the user email or Client ID


  • If you have a e-commerce system that is not Shopify you would need to integrate a Sales API to allow Heyday to retrieve the your Sales data so that they can compile the data for your report (currently in Beta).

    • Contact your CS representative or to receive access to the Heyday Sales API

  • All the other conditions for Indirect Sales Attribution also apply here

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