Integration through a Google Tag

If your website already uses Google Tag Manager (GTM), copy the Heyday code snippet into a “Custom HTML tag” in the GTM workspace. The code snippet will be executed when the page is launched.

As reference, the steps below shows how to create the custom HTML tag.

1. Click on "Add a new tag"

2. Click on the Tag Configuration box

3. This will open the 'Choose tag type', scroll down and select "Custom HTML".

4. Paste the code snippet in the designated section.:

5. Below the Tag Configuration section, you'll see 'Triggering', click on that box:

6. This will open the 'Choose a trigger' tab, select the first option and Save it:

👉 name = “All Pages”, type = “Page view” 👈

7. On the main page, on the top right, click on Submit to enable the tag.

At this point the Heyday chat should appear on the website. 🎉

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