Widget State

Widget state refers to the behaviour of the widget when a client joins your website. In other words, it is the state of the widget at its load.

There are three widget states:

It is configured the same way as all the other attributes, following the example below:

<div id="hdAttributes" widget_state="WidgetState"></div>

By default, the previous known state of the widget is used. If this is the first time for a client, the welcome state is used.


Setting the WidgetState = welcome

When a customer visits your website, the greeting bubble is displayed with a greeting message as shown below:

The duration at which the greeting message is displayed is determined by the delay_close attribute, which is explained in the next section.


Setting WidgetState = chat

When a client visits your website the widget displays open with the chat visible.


Setting WidgetState = close

The widget is displayed closed. No greeting message nor chat. Only the icon is visible.

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