Video Chat

While clients purchase more and more online, exchanging product pictures of pre-recorded video via a traditional chat does not provide the same level of experience, level of detail of product, or the feel of a real-time video.

Did you know? If a potential customer can watch a video explaining a product or service beforehand, 73% of them are more likely to make a purchase.

Benefits for sales

  • Create a virtual showroom

    --> Continue to sell even if store is closed

    --> No more geographical limitation, far from the store clients can now see the product live

  • Provide clarity, as customers can have detailed and specific questions that are hard to explain using just words. Excellent for informed, more picky customers.

  • Competitive advantage: As fairly new in retail, offering video chat gives you an edge on competitors to make more sales

  • Qualifies the shopper’s intent to purchase and a segway to book an appointment

  • Allow indirect sales attribution with the ‘’Add to cart’’ after the video

Benefits for support

  • Solve problem faster, increased capability to solve issue

    • Post sale assistance: --> Ex. for installation, for evaluating a defective product with clients, etc.

  • Create deeper relationships with client with a human feel

  • Can better read their customer

  • Can learn how customers interact with their product

  • Lets teammates see empathy in action

Level of effort/development required

  • Minimal effort required:

    • No additional software to download

    • No external applications needed to integrate

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