Instagram Self Onboarding

This page will guide you through how to create and connect an instagram page on a heyday chatbot.

This step used to be completed by your Heyday representative, however, we're now guiding everyone to connect the social media business pages through the Heyday Inbox.

But Why?

This enhances confidentiality and security while keeping the ownership of the pages to you. That way, you do not need to add a Heyday Representative to your page, only to make this connection on your behalf.


Please note that a Instagram Testing page is NOT mandatory, however, it is HIGHLY recommended as it provides a safe environment for testing purposes, rather than your official Instagram Business page.

Official Instagram Page

  1. Instagram business account connected to a Facebook page. If you haven't done so yet, follow the Creating an Instagram Business Account guide.

  2. The administrator connecting the instagram account must be the manager of the Facebook page associated with the instagram account.

Instagram Testing Page(Pre-Production)

  1. You'll need to provide the instagram account for testing in Pre-Production. If you cannot provide such account, you can use your Facebook Messenger staging page for testing changes to your chatbot experience.

Please note that the differences between the messenger and instagram are minimal for testing changes.

Setup the page in Heyday

  • Connect to the Heyday Inbox

  • Go into settings and select Channels

  • Select Instagram

👉 You must have administrator role to access the channels section. 👈

  • Login with your Facebook account

  • Select the Instagram account that you want to grant access to Heyday.

  • Click Next and select the associated Facebook page.

  • Keep every permission checked and click on Done

Make sure to keep all the permissions checked! Heyday may not work properly if any of these options is turned off.

If you are already connected and would like to add new pages, you must disconnect from Facebook and then reconnect.

  • Click on Login with Facebook or Disconnect from Facebook followed by Login with Facebook.

A facebook login popup will open:

  • Click on Edit Settings or, if Edit Settings button is not available, click on Continue as <YOUR_NAME>.

  • Click on Connect other pages

The Connect other pages button can take a few moments to appear, depending on the number of pages that you manage.

  • Click on the Connect button associated to the Instagram account that you want to connect

Your Instagram account is linked to Heyday, but remains inactive. At this point, you must contact your Heyday representative to complete the connection between Heyday and your Instagram account.

Once Heyday has confirmed that the channel is ready, you can enable the channel.

  • Switch the state of the toggle button to be Active

  • Go to the settings of your facebook page associated with your instagram account:<FACEBOOK_PAGE_ID>/settings/?tab=messenger_platform

In Advanced Messaging, setup the Instagram primary receiver to be Heyday.

Well done! 👍 Your Heyday Chatbot is now live on your Instagram account.

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