Greyed Out Conversations

In your inbox you'll notice that some conversations are greyed out like in the example below:

What does this mean?

Conversations are greyed for two reasons:

  • The customer is offline

  • The customer is inactive

In order to find out which it is you need to click on the conversation


If the client is offline you will see the offline label in the user name field

When the customer is Offline it means that they are no longer reachable and this is usually an indicator that you can close the conversation since it's not likely that they'll return in the short term.

Note: If you see this on the Heyday Webchat channel and you have Continuous Conversation activated you can click Invite Customer instead to attempt to re-engage the customer


Though less common, if you don't see the Offline label, this means that the customer is still on your chat but that there hasn't been any activity from them in over 10 minutes. In these cases we recommend leaving a response to try and re-engage them, it could be that they're just waiting for a teammate to reply while they shop.

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