Chatbot Performance

The Chatbot Performance graph displays the flow types triggered during the timeframe you've selected in the filters.

Followed by a breakdown of the most common flows and a breakdown of transfer requests by flow, within each type.

The flow type 'Support', in this case, gathers a few different flow names such as FAQ Menu, Order tracking and Return/Refund. 👍

Most common flows

By expanding the dropdown menu on the right of the most common flows section, you have the option to filter the results by Flow type.

Transfer request by Flow

A transfer request happens when a customer requests to speak with a teammate. In this section you'll see the conversation flows the customers were engaged in when the transfer took place. You can also filter the results by flow type using the drop down menu on the top right of the this section.

Remember: the goal of the chatbot is to enhance the support of your customer service team, not to replace it. Up to 80% of conversations can be automated with the use of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This frees up teammates to answer sensitive, more personalized and high-value questions.

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