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Heyday Package is a managed package that you'll need to install on your SFSC instance to get the following functionalities:

  • Provide a Heyday Conversation window lightning component for teammates. Once installed in your lightning view, teammates can see the Heyday Conversation inside a case view.

  • Provide Heyday Chat the ability to create cases in SFSC.

  • Allow Heyday to register hooks to SFSC. That way, the Heyday analytics can stay in sync with changes in SFSC, such as close case, re-open case, etc.

  • Allow Heyday to send new message notifications in SFSC ‘bell menu' to assigned teammates.

👉 Teammates must be registered to the Heyday app and logged in with the same email used for SFSC. 👈

Integration requirements

You need to provide Heyday with the following:

  1. Link to SFSC instances in pre-production and production

  2. Queue ID to use (pre-production and production)

  3. User name and password with Admin access (Pre-production, for the setup phase)

  4. User name and password with Admin access (Production) --> We are currently in beta with users with less access. Currently, user types are: a. Standard Users with Service Cloud User Access b. This user needs to have access to the Queue to use. c. Must be able to create cases, access to the fields to be set. d. Close case and send notifications. e. Download certificate from “Create a signature to connect to the heyday webhook” before, for Pre-Production and Production.

Installations Steps

You need to create a certificate, download and send to us so we can configure the chatbot with it.

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Search for Certificate

  3. Click on "Create Self-Signed Certificate"

4. Enter in the “Label” and "Unique Name" boxes the name “HD_Webhook“

5. Click on Save.

6. Click on “Download Certificate”

7. Keep the name as HD_Webhook.crt

8. Send it to Heyday

This certificate is used to authenticate the call from the Salesforce webhook to the Heyday bot.


Enable in-app notifications:

This can be done by going into Setup → Salesforce Notifications through quick find. Make sure Enable in-app notifications is checked

The layout of a Lightning page can be edited by dragging and dropping the component into the layout, and it will display for the people you've chosen. This step must be done, otherwise the Heyday conversation component will not display.

Heyday App

The Salesforce package is intended to replace the heyday regular application, either web or mobile.

However, you need to use the app to invite the teammates, disable the Heyday notifications, block users, etc.

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