Chatbot CSAT

How does it work?

The Heyday Chatbot CSAT is designed following best practices in the market, and follows a standardized 5-point scale with stars. It promotes:

  • Unbiased scale & wording 👍

  • Odd-numbered scale 👍

  • Neutral midpoint 👍

With Heyday's standardized scale and flow, everyone gets the same scale, in the same format, with the same wording. It reduces result bias and makes it easier to interpret.

How will the chatbot react to the CSAT?

When offered to 'Leave a rating' the customer will choose the star rating and will have the option to leave a comment.

For a customer review of 4 or 5 stars (Good or Very good)

For a customer review of 3 stars (Neutral)

For a customer review of 1 or 2 stars (Poor or Very Poor)

It is always good practice to consider the context of the conversation. Recall: Customers may rate the chatbot out of frustration with the company and/or the product. 🤷


The chatbot CSAT is a metric that allows you to answer the important questions regarding your customer's experience and be one step ahead in identifying what and how to enhance the experience.

  • Chatbot performance -> How easy is it to use the chatbot? -> How are the customers interacting with it? -> What topics is the chatbot handling well?

  • Relationship between customers and the chatbot -> Are your customers feeling listened to? -> Are your customers being understood?

Got a suggestion? Let us know! 👉

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