Heyday Chat

The Heyday webchat provides a frictionless chat experience for brands that want to stay in control. There are zero barriers of entry to chat, and no need for user authentication.

Benefits for the brand:

Reduce the volume of lost conversations

Conversations happening outside business hours or if the customer waited too long to be connected with a teammate are typical situations. Heyday widget allows brands to prompt customers to give their email, so they can be contacted later and continue the conversation in chat.

Get full control of your chat experience

You can have full control over the chat features available to you on your site widget, and even influence our feature roadmap.

Branded messaging on your site and mobile

Brands have the option to create a customized, on-brand widget to appear directly on their websites. Widgets can be activated on specific pages with customizable, relevant greetings.

Deliver rich content directly in the chat

Restriction-free content, including image carousels and product cards, directly in the chat. This helps you sell and promote your products with ease.

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