Sale Attribution Report

Sales attributions are reported in a spreadsheet (CSV) listing all sales that are attributed to the chat (chatbot and/or teammate). The reports are currently generated by the Heyday team and sent to brands. In the near future, brands will be able to download it through the Advanced Report section of the Heyday Inbox.

The report includes:

  1. Time of purchase

  2. Order #

  3. Total Sales ($)

  4. Client-ID

  5. Source (chat vs. website)

  6. Time of the conversation

  7. Conversation URL

  8. Teammate's name

  9. Channel

....and more to come!

Below is an example of a sales attribution report in CSV:


Local Currency: Currency in which the shopper made the purchase


  1. Website = Indirect sale

  2. Heyday chat = Direct sale

Refund Applied:

  • Yes: a partial refund was applied to the original purchase. The amount reflects the up-to-date purchase(after refund was applied)

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