FAQ Builder

This feature is currently in Beta


  • This tab contains a list of all your FAQs currently in Production (that your client can see throughout their experience)


  • This is your playground where you can view and manage the existing Live FAQs with changes in progress, New FAQs & Categories.


Use the Preview feature to see how your content will look in the chatbot:

  • Test the AI ability to detect questions, navigate menus and categories.

  • Drafts must be saved to Preview.

  • Preview always displays the FAQs from the Draft Section

Publish All

  • Publish All button Publishes all your Newly created & edited FAQs from Draft section to your Live Chatbot

Note : We support the option to Publish / Reset All FAQs and not specific / selected FAQs.

~ After Publish All ~

Reset All

  • All unpublished changes will be reset to match your live chatbot

  • Your Unpublished Drafts shall be discarded

  • Your Draft section will be made consistent with the Live Chatbot.

We support the option to Publish / Reset All FAQs and not specific / selected FAQs.


Create New FAQs

Write a question that your customers ask frequently.

It’s important to understand that the question starts an interaction with your customers where you should provide a valuable outcome. The question triggers the answer in two ways

  1. Customers click through the FAQs menu, and FAQ cards

  2. Customers write directly something in the chatbot.

To save a FAQ you must write a question & an answer.

Improve your Chatbot AI for this specific question

There are 3 levers to adjust the chatbot ability to detect questions written directly by customers.

  1. Question precision

  2. Similar questions

  3. FAQ type: sales vs support

Chatbot training

Translate your FAQs

  • If multiple languages are enabled for chatbot

  • Provide translations so that your customers get answers in their preferred language.


These serve as the finishing touches to your FAQ

Customer Rating

Get feedback from your customers

Enable “customer rating” and two quick replies (“useful 👍” or “not useful 👎”) will be available in the chatbot after the FAQ’s answer is displayed. This allows your customers to rate the quality of their interaction with FAQs and whether answers are useful | they find what they’re looking for.

Quick Reply

  • To Manage transitions

  • The quick replies are attached to the answer & to categories.

  • Allow customers to move to other parts of the chatbot experience with more quick replies. Currently available:

    • Talk-to-human

    • Menu

Edit FAQ

Go to the Draft tab, find the FAQ you want to edit in the list. Click on it. Then modify as you need. Changes must be published to be seen by your customers. (see create & publish above)

Delete FAQ

Go to the Draft tab, find the FAQ you want to delete, click on the trash icon. The FAQ will disappear from your drafts but is still active in your Live chatbot. You must click “Publish all” to effectively remove the deleted FAQ from your Live chatbot.


  • Group FAQs by categories to help your customers navigate through FAQs

  • You can create new categories to group similar FAQs aligned with similar theme (e.g. All Shipping Policy related FAQs can be grouped under one category)

Unsupported Elements

There are some known limitations to the FAQ builder in its current state where users cannot Add or modify/view the FAQs which have certain non-text elements we don’t support for now & working under the hood to make it work in the future versions of the FAQ Editor.

Here is a list of all the Unsupported Elements :

  • Images & gifs

  • QR Code

  • Buttons

  • External URLs

  • Other Non Text Multimedia

  • Answers Pointed to Other Flows

  • Custom/ Conditional FAQ

In all such cases if you need assistance please reach out to support@heyday.ai around FAQ creation or modification.

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