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This section explains how to activate/deactivate the option to allow the bot to transfer the conversation to a teammate.

Empower your Teammates to manage their conversation efficiently

The Transfer to Teammate setting offers you more flexibility and autonomy to adapt conversations’ transfers according to your needs. You can enable transfer at all times, during business hours, or simply disable the function altogether.

Step 1: Configuration of the Transfer to Teammate setting

Activating the transfer to teammate setting allows teammates to manage their workload efficiently. This prevents overflowing their inbox with messages and ensure a positive experience for your customers in your chat.

To set this up:

  • Sign into the Heyday Inbox

  • Select Chatbot & automation

  • Select Transfer to teammate

By default, your account i set to allow customers to reach your teammates all the time. That way, they will receive clients messages, regardless of their availability.

At this stage, you can choose when the teammates are reachable:

All the time:

Default setting

During business hours:

This means the teammates are not available outside business hours

If you choose this setting, you can select your business hours within the Chat settings by clicking on the link “during business hours” under the drop-down menu that you can see in the image above.


This means teammates are not reachable inside nor outside business hours.

When selecting Never, your customers will be made aware that your team is unavailable at the moment with the following message:

“Sorry, we are currently unavailable. Please come back later”.

This ensures that customers aren’t waiting in the chat and your team’s inbox is not overloaded when they return!

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