Cookie Consent

The cookie_consent allows for customers visiting your site to customize which cookies (if any) related to the Heyday chat they want to be retained.

<div id="hdAttributes" cookie_consent="0"></div>

The number in the function is on a scale from 0 to 3 with each number representing the following:



  • No cookie granted OR cookies have been reset


  • ‘personalization’ cookies accepted

  • when set, Heyday uses chat user session and chat UX cookies whenever required

  • when reset, Heyday ONLY uses those cookies when chat is actually started by the customer, by clicking on the bubble to open it


  • ‘analytics’ cookies accepted

  • when set, the analytics cookies allows live teammates to know what pages are visited by the customer, regardless of whether the chat was started or used at all

  • when reset, Heyday will not use analytics cookies and any insights not related to chat usage will be unavailable


  • all cookies accepted

Heyday is GDPR compliant! 🏆 🥇

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