Conversation Score

Currently in Beta

The conversation score measures customer engagement across each and every interaction with your chatbot. It is based on AI technology that detects signals in conversations such as action, phrase and sentiment.

This metric scores how good is your chatbot's conversation 👍

How does it work?

The score is based on customer feedback indicators and chatbot performance. For example:

  • Customer Feedback: --> Users engagements, behaviours, and interactions CTA’s --> Users sentiment and feedback via words/ expressions and emoji’s

  • Chatbot Response: --> How quickly the bot understands shoppers needs. (Did it understand intent?) --> Ease of interaction between bot and shopper. (Did the shopper have to repeat themselves?) --> Response time. (How long did the customer have to wait?)


This is a great starting point to find the top negative or top positive conversation you would like to review and answer more questions related to your customers experience.

  • Understand customer happiness with your virtual assistant

  • Understand how well your chatbot is recognizing your customer needs and providing meaningful answers

  • Combine multiple metrics to provide perspective of overall customer experience.

This score is intended to answer more questions regarding the shopper's experience with your chatbot, and help you identify where improvement is needed.


The conversation score is available in the Conversation report, obtained from the Advanced Reports section. It allows you to recognize the most positive and negative interactions with your customers with a quick glance on the report.


--> Does not apply to email conversations

--> Does not apply to any conversation with a teammate.

The goal of this metric is to measure the 👉 chatbot performance 👈

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