Are you ready to launch the Heyday chat on your website? 👏

This can be done in just a few clicks! The following is the overview of what you'll need to do and in the following sections we'll get into the details.

To activate the Heyday chat, you have to add a few lines of javascript code to your website'. There are two commons ways to add this code:

For Shopify Customers: Downloading the Heyday Shopify App

Not comfortable with coding?👀​😨 Don’t hesitate to contact our team, we’ll gladly assist you.👍​

a) Schedule business hours to communicate teammates availability to customers, thereby giving them a better sense of when they can expect a personal response. When a customer contacts your brand outside business hours, the chatbot will inform the customer of the opening hours.

b) Set your timezone accurately as it affects

  • Business hours

  • Welcome and Absence Messages

See step-by-step instructions here:

Modify your Welcome and Absence Messages to match your brand’s voice and tone. By updating your welcome and absence messages, you

  • greet customers with a personal note

  • encourage visitors to seek help during business hours

  • let customers know that your team is unavailable outside business hours

To know how you can edit Welcome and Absence Messages, follow the link below

Invite your colleagues to access the Heyday inbox as teammates by filling out their names and email addresses.

Once a teammate is added, they will receive an email on their registered account to log in to their Heyday inbox.

You and your team can respond to customer queries while on-the-go or away from workstations ! The Heyday Inbox App is available for both Apple and Android! Download link is available here:

You are all set! You can now start chatting with your customers by visiting:

👉 Got questions? Write to success@heyday.ai and we’ll help you out. 👈

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