🫂Customer Insights

By clicking on the customer's picture or name displayed within the chat, you'll open the customer's insights and have access to the information they've agreed to share with Heyday.

The customer's insights are displayed in the purple tab on the right of the screen. It is broken down into three expandable sections(Profile, Activity and Order History).

The department at which the customer is requesting to be transferred to, is displayed right below the customers name, as shown in the image:

In the Profile section, you may find the following information:

  • E-mail address

  • Shopping country

  • Gender

  • Language

In the activity section we have:

  • How many conversations has this customer open

  • Average duration of conversation

  • Last visited website pages

  • How long has the customer become a client

  • Last Message date and time

  • Customer's Device

  • Operating System

  • Browser

It is good practice to always open the customer insights. Knowing the last page visited by the customer may give you an advantage in offering other products, specially if the customer was browsing an out-of-stock option. 😉

In the Order History section, you'll be able to search for the customers orders by providing the customer's email address or the order number.

You'll also be able to see all previous orders from this client.

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