Conversation Blocking

The objective of this feature is to provide a safe environment to teammates by limiting the exposure to inappropriate language and harassment in a chat or video consultation.

How to Block a Conversation

To block a client that refuses to maintain a respectful conversation, the teammate needs to:

  • Make sure the proper chat with the customer to be blocked is open

  • A confirmation window pops up, select Block

If a teammate wishes to inform the client they are being blocked, they are responsible for sending a message to the client prior to the blocking.

Heyday does not send any automated messages when a teammate blocks a customer.

Blocked conversations

Blocked conversations remain available within the 'Closed' conversations. Teammates can access it and read the content, but teammates cannot reply to the blocked end-customer.

Key points:

  • New messages from blocked customers are ignored

  • Chatbot doesn't respond to blocked customers.

  • Messages sent while the customer is blocked are not displayed.

    -> Messages sent after the customer is unblocked are displayed. <-

Once a conversation is blocked only the administrators have the right to unblock it. An Unblock button is displayed at the bottom center of the chat, when an administrator opens a blocked conversation.

For the teammates that open a blocked conversation, a message to contact the administrator is displayed.


  • Enable teammates to block conversations by themselves, in one click, directly from Heyday.

  • Put in place best measures to prevent blocked customers from returning to the chat or sending emails.

  • Analytics on blocked conversations is planned for Q1, as a CSV.

  • No configuration required to enable it, it’s available to all organizations.

In case a client is truly in an enraged state, incoherently screaming or becoming over-the-top abusive, there must be a way to redirect the conversation and protect your customer service reps. Teaching reps how to recognize that point and draw a line in the sand, can provide a company’s boundary.

A simple and effective example:

“I am sorry for this inconvenience. I truly want to help you, but I am unable to continue this conversation if you continue to use this inappropriate language. Please maintain mutual respect otherwise, as per our standard procedure, I will have to end this chat.”

Unfortunately, in some occasions, it is not possible to handle an angry and unsatisfied customer and the only way the teammates can protect themselves, is by blocking the conversation.

Ending a conversation and blocking a customer is an extreme measure and should be ONLY used when other solutions cannot be addressed.


  • With the Heyday chat, if customers change their device, browser or clear their cookies, they are recognized as a new customer, hence no longer blocked.

  • With Facebook Guest Mode, if a blocked customer closes its Messenger chat session and starts a new Guest Mode session, they are no longer blocked and can access the chat.

  • Not yet available on mobile

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