Salesforce Commerce Cloud

To integrate SFCC with the Heyday chat, here's what you need from you:

Api access required

  • Client ID: client_id
  • Access Token → access_token [Used for Order search]
  • Demandware domain name: domain_name
  • Store Names: storenName
The a client_id and an access_token are used in an authentication call to get a bearer_token used in the order_search call.
Then this bearer_token allow us to perform some query on the api order_search. Therefore, we need the <domain_name> and <storenName>
If you have multiple store names, you need to send us all of the applicable ones.
Further access needed varies by feature. For example:
For the product search feature, we need read access on:
  • /products API
  • /categories API
  • /product_search API

Shipment tracking

For the order/shipment tracking feature, we need read access on:
  • GET /orders API
  • POST /order_search API