Continuous Conversation

The objective of this feature is to be able to reach back to a customer who contacted a brand on the Heyday widget, but left the website. In this page you'll find how to take advantage of it.

Brands lose many conversations when customers contact them outside business hours or wait too long to be connected with teammates, resulting in customers leaving the chat. With the Heyday Chat, this situation is unlikely as your team will be able to reach back out to the customers that contacted the brand.

This will increase the experience of the shopper and the brand by:

  • Improving customer experience and satisfaction (flexibility to (re) connect)

  • Supporting more sales opportunities

  • Time saving for teammates, since less conversations to close as customer left

  • Facilitating the clients access as no social sign-in is required

  • Allowing clients that have reached out outside business hours to have assistance

  • Avoiding loss of customers due to waiting time on teammate availability

It is also device independent allowing the customer to reconnect to the chat from any device. It makes the Heyday chat a preferred option over social channels.

How does it work?

In the chat

The feature is enabled on a per organization basis and flow-scripts must be adapted with only one modification: Ask the customer email address.


There are three different status for conversation with the Heyday chat:

  1. Active (with the green dot): the client is active on the chat.

  2. Reachable (without the green dot): the client has left the chat, but remains reachable.

  3. Unreachable (greyed-out): client not reachable (client has left the chat).

Reconnecting with the customer

When opening a conversation, the teammate must select the option to invite the customer to rejoin the conversation.

Before the email is sent to the end client the teammate can add a customized message in the text box, a preview will then populate in the pop-up box prior to being sent to the client.

When sending the message, a pop up appears asking the teammate to confirm the intention to send the message via email (with a preview of the message).

NOTE: Avoid sending multiple emails to the end customer by adding as much information as possible in one message.


To re-engage, the teammate sends an email to the customer. The e-mail contains:

  1. The message from the teammate

  2. A link to open the chat on the brand's website

  3. The business hours

An example of the e-mail sent to the customer:

NOTE: Email is sent in English or French, depending on the language used by the customer in the chat. If the customer is chatting in any language other than English or French, the email will be sent in English.

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