With Heyday, Shopify retailers have powerful conversational AI capabilities within seconds of install.
-> Turn conversations into sales
-> Provide AI-Powered recommendations to your customers
-> Access integrations with multiple shipping carriers to automate order tracking questions.
-> Out of the box chat automation to answer FAQs around the clock.
-> Never leave a customer waiting.
-> Allow you customer to reach you on any channel, whenever they want.
-> and more, much more!
The steps to get your Heyday chat to ready are:
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When the customer opens the chat widget on your store, our chatbot will initiate the conversation.
Our chatbot will offer "quick replies" that allow the customer to know what the chatbot can assist them with. Our AI-powered chatbot will also recognize the customer's intent if they instead type what they're looking for, and can assist them in that way as well.
If the customer prefers to talk to a person, they can always request this at any time. When a bot-to-human handoff is initiated, the customer will be asked for their email address in the event that you need to reach out to them once they have left the store experience.